"She's the miracle, man."

We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released.


Q u o r r a
profoundly naive. unimaginably wise.
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Of average height (around about 5'7") and slight of build, Quorra's slim figure is nonetheless an athletic one; she moves with a fluidity and the ease of knowing the limitations of her own body. Her skin is pale, since there is no sun in her world, without marks or blemishes save for the small glowing tattoo-like brand on her upper left arm. She has asymmetrical, close-cropped black hair, a slanted fringe that hangs just above her eyebrows, and blue eyes that are perpetually wide with interest, wonderment and curiosity.

Quorra is, more or less, a digital being. She was 'born' in a system created by genius programmer Kevin Flynn, but she is no Basic program - Quorra is an Isomorphic Algorithm, a program that spawned independently of the Creator's input. She, along with the rest of the ISOs, emerged out of the Sea of Simulation - a vast plane of random bits of unused information within the system, but outside the construct Flynn built, which was known as the Grid. When the ISOs became hunted by Flynn's second in command, CLU, Quorra was the only one to survive the mass genocide. Together with the Creator, she spent over a thousand cycles in exile, learning about Users and the outside world - a place she thought she could only ever dream of seeing.

But sometimes, dreams really do come true.

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